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Group of Multiethnic Diverse Mixed Occup

Who Needs Counseling

  • Those experiencing grief from death or divorce.

  • Those who have been abused...sexually, emotionally, physically.

  • Those experiencing marital problems.

  • Families and individuals dealing with traumatic or dysfunctional experiences.

  • Those who want to break the divorce cycle.

  • Those who are dealing with abandonment or lack of attachment issues.

  • Those suffering from anxiety, depression, or poor self-esteem.

  • Those dealing with co-dependence or overly dependant relationships.

  • Those who seek premarital counseling.

  • Those dealing with addiction--drug, alcohol, or sex.

  • Those who are seeking group support and accountability.

  • Those who are seeking psychological testing (children or adults).

  • Those who need career guidance.

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